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Interactive parents are here to support each other to become an impact on our children lives. It was once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." Now we need to make our own village and raise our children to become better men and women in today society. This website is to give advice, receive advice, and to have a friendly ear just to vent. We will show different techniques on parenting, disciplining, and showing how to communicate with your children. We all struggle with parenting and all have different technique. So let share, care, and help one another. We are going to build a better future for our children. Let be the village that makes the impact.


Meet the great people who lead Interactive Parents

Calandra Johnson

CEO of Interactive Parents and Parenting Consultant

Nakisha Braddy

Managing Director of Human Resources

Shaneiqua Johnson


Shaundrea Sanders


Up to 12 Years Of Age Consultant