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There are several ways to make homemade ice cream, but there is one very easy recipe that is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. No-churn frozen yogurt is a simple treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank. First, you’ll need an ice cream maker. Then, you’ll need some ingredients – whole plain yogurt with at least 30% fat, vanilla, and cream. You can also add corn syrup to your mixture, which will prevent ice crystals from forming.

Store frozen

Whether you enjoy plain or fruity yogurt, you can freeze it to extend its life. But to preserve its flavor, you should know how to store frozen yogurt. The best way to prevent bacteria growth is to store it in an airtight container. Air contact with yogurt speeds up the growth of bacteria. Moreover, it absorbs the flavors of the yogurt. Hence, you should use airtight glass containers to avoid this problem.

Store frozen yogurt in the coldest part of your freezer

Frozen yogurt is delicious, but sometimes you don’t have enough room in your fridge to keep it all at once. The solution is to freeze it in portions, then transfer them to freezer-safe bags. Frozen yogurt is great for smoothies and other blended treats. Read on to learn how to store it properly. We’ll show you how to do it in a few easy steps.

Add cream

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy frozen dessert, you should try adding cream to make frozen yogurt. You can find a recipe online or in a book. The more sugar you add, the softer your frozen yogurt will be. Make sure to add a little bit of lemon juice to the mix, too, for a tarter treat. Once frozen, you can store it in single-serving containers. Thaw it in the fridge for at least five to ten minutes, and then stir it until you reach your desired consistency.

Add labneh

To add a Middle Eastern touch to your frozen yogurt, consider adding labneh. This soft, spreadable cream cheese is traditionally rolled into balls and marinated. It’s the perfect topping for your frozen yogurt! To make it even easier, you can use cream cheese, sour cream, or mascarpone. All of these options will add a creamy texture to your frozen yogurt, but you might find that the taste and texture of labneh is more unique than what you might expect.

Add mascarpone

To make mascarpone, start by whisking the cream and milk together until smooth. Add the pectin. Stir well but do not overmix. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker. Cover the container with plastic wrap or foil. Refrigerate the mixture for 4 to 8 hours. Once frozen, serve it with sliced figs. This recipe is also delicious served with fresh fruit.

Add fruit

You can make homemade frozen yogurt using a blender stick. You can use milk, orange juice, or both to make your frozen yogurt. You can also add any fruit of your choice. To make it even more delicious, add a little honey. You can also add more sugar if your preferred fruit is tart. Just remember that your frozen yogurt should be creamy and not hard. Make sure to use high-quality frozen fruit to get the best results.

Add ice cream maker

You can make frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker, although this process may be a little more tedious. While it takes some extra time, the result will be almost the same. Once you have made your base, freeze it overnight or for at least 45 minutes. You can then transfer it to a container and refreeze it until it reaches the desired consistency. If you’re not using an ice cream maker, make sure to refreeze it for an hour or so before serving.